My Lil' Chat Room Role Playing is a guild for people who want to Role Play during our current years instead of maybe 60 years in the future or 1000 years in the past. You can make your own characters or just make yourself. Please stick to the Gaia Rules!!! I don't want this guild to be deleted. You can swear just not regularly. No sexual interactions inside the guild's forums. You can do it through chat or messaging, but not in the guild or you will be banned.
To join
Please state your character's name and how many characters there are.
Their appearance
Their age
What their personality is like
Their dislikes
Their likes
And any type of Bio or about your character
Use this skeleton when you send in your join requests.
Any Extras
I'm planning on keeping this guild to a minimum of 40 to 100 members. If you don't post at all and you join you will be banned. Profiles will be listed in the forums. After you are an official member you can personalize your own Profile. You can use the skeleton above in it or make your own. This is not a guild for monsters and any other mystical beings. Sorry but you have to be any kind of human! Please enjoy the guild and use a little imagination.
You can ask me questions or anyone with authority.
Tell your friends about this guild!
Have fun with it!!!!!!
Thank you for reading!