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I see you've stumbled upon this guild somehow.It's pretty obvious that this is a guild for all the music lovers. If you have some sort of infactuation with the beautiful harmonies of music, then you're in the right place and you need to join! Press that button... located up there somewhere.

Hi! I'm the creator of this guild. My name is Duckie, and I'm an asshole and half. However, there is also that sweet loving side of me as well. Music brings it out. I know that there are a lot of people out there who simply cannot live without music, and I want to find those people, so we can come together and eventually befriend one another. This isn't a guild to show off your knowledge of music; this is a guild to connect people and give them some common ground.

Joining This Guild

~You don't need to give any money to join. However, you will have to answer a few questions on your request to join. I ask that you only join if you plan on posting as much as you can, and not spam posts either. I mean, actual posts that have a little thought or meaning to them.
~You need a love for music. Why would you join this guild if you didn't? Oh, silly!
~Be nice? That's all I'm asking. Don't bash on someone's favorite bands/artists. Instead, try to introduce them to something similar that you think they'll like that you can tolerate. Or, if simply cannot stand the band/artist they're talking about, and there is absolutely no way to get them interested in "good" music, just ignore them.
Haha. I know we all get heated about stuff like that
~Here are the questions you'll have to answer in order to join. You will not be accepted if you don't answer these. NO EXCEPTIONS
Why am I joining the My Life Is Music Guild?
What is my favorite kind of music?
How often am I on Gaia?
Will I frequently enter contests?
How did I find this guild? Was I invited by someone? If so, who?

Donations & Charities

Hey, feel free to donate money. Everyone who donates 10k+ will have their names under the Honorable Mentions on this page. On a bi-monthly basis, I will pick a winner from the Honorable Mentions based off of number of posts that month, their kindness, recruitment, and love for music! The winner will receive 20k or a prize of equal or greater value!
If you want to donate a prize or a sum of Gaia Gold for the winners of the Honorable Mentions then please send all donations to my starter account "drowning with mermaids" The only reason, I'm not having you send them to me, is because I often lose track of how much gold I have, and I don't want to accidently take any of it. Lol.
If you just want to donate to the guild, you can just type in your amount down there and press enter. This gold will be used to enhance our guild!(
Note Whether you donate 10k+ to the guild, or if you donate 10k+ to the Charity, you will still be placed under Honorable Mentions. Honorable Mentions names will be removed if they violate my rules or don't post for more than two months without informing me of why.

Mkay, I know that I already covered the whole "no spam" thing, but I want you to know that "bumps" are considered spam unless the creator of the post specifically says to bump it. You cannot bump your own post. Nothing like tooting your own horn, right? If you don't get any replies on your post, then don't repost it. You will be warned, if it happens again, you will be banned. I don't want to have to keep cleaning out the forums of double, unpopular posts.
Also, don't make a post begging for money. There are going to be plenty of contests once the guild gets more members. You can enter those and get gold and items that way(
If you recruit a member, they will say so on their request to join. I will award everone who recruits a member, 250GG for each Gaian they get! If you get 24 recruits, you will be added to Honorable Mentions.

Becoming a Contest Moderator
So, if you want to host a contest within the forums, you should pm me on my "drowning with mermaids" account. Please give a detailed description of what you want your contest to be. I'll suggest some changes if any are needed, and then I'll tell you whether it's approved.
Note If you get a contest that's approved, then I expect to at least attempt to keep up with it. Daily Log-ins would be nice, but if you seem to be having issues with taking care of it, let me know, and I'll find someone else to help you.

Honorable Mentions

Donators :3
GrandPierre- 12100GG
jar3hol1cat2- 198GG