The Start
Slaves….What exactly are they are they someone you can control or someone you can love with so much passion it tears you bit by bit. Many slaves are broken and abused till they cry out for mercy and to end their pain, But some are treated more like lovers and are neither bound nor broken they fall in love with their master and they stay with them till death do they part. But what exactly is a master, I never understood how someone could beat them till they beg for death and then care them and nurse them back to health so they could beat them again.
Masters… A strange subject but what does it matter in role-plays you can choose if you either want to be the protector or the binder but to a small extent

So what will you choose rose has bloomed will the petals bloom fully or will they fall and wither away

These are the Rules to our guild
1. No God modeling- you must ask me if there is a certain power or ability you want to have for your character
2. Time skip or Pm- if gets too rough or rowdy please time skip or go to the pm
3. Please post often- we want this guild to be as active as possible
4. Think of ideas , invite people- show this guild some love I mean we don’t want it to die do we
5. And the most important rule have as much fun as you can!!

Will you allow your slaves heart to burn
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