All praises be to Allah, the Lord of the Universe. May the peace and blessings of Allah be upon Muhammad, His last Messenger

Dear reader on behalf of all the members of I welcome you to Islam. It always brings Muslims great joy when we hear of anyone wishing to convert to Islam. Muslims want to rush to tell their friends and family about this wonderful news. Muslims always love to hear how others converted to Islam. So for sure you will be greatly welcomed to Islam.

The Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him welcomed even those people who had previously fought him and killed his loved ones. These people later on were to become the heroes of Islam. So no matter what your background and no matter what you may have done or said to Muslims or others in the past, you should rest assured that you will be welcomed with open arms.


1. Not to join anything in worship along with Allah.
2. Not to steal.
3. Not to commit illegal sexual intercourse.
4. Not to kill your children.
5. Not to accuse an innocent person (to spread such an accusation among people).
6. Not to be disobedient (when ordered) to do good deed."

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