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Welcome to our Harry potter world, there's active role-plays, topics, contests, games & event's that will interest even new Harry potter fans. There's also role-plays, topics, contests, games & event's basted on other book's, movie's and more. Winners of contests and event's get great prizes and his/her winning entry gets put on the main page for everyone to see. After joining you become apart of our Harry potter role-playing family, and you will be treated as such UNLESS you break the rules.

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(*) First you'll need to click the [Join Guild] button, then look to your left...there will be a BIG white box, you'll need to put an example of your BEST role-playing in it.

(*) After you're accepted, you MUST post your role-playing profile on the ROLE-PLAYING FORUM on the topic titled (*2013 Role-playing Profile's*) BUT not before reading over the (*2013 Role-playing Rule's*) first.

(*) Then go to the WELCOMING FEAST & SORTING HAT forum on the topic's titled (*2013 Welcoming feast*) & (*2013 Sorting Hat*) to get sorted and eat your first plate of Hogwarts food, when you're done with all that, jump right on in and role-play, post, join in on contests, games, events and have fun.

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Guild Visitor

Head Of The Daily Prophet
Head Nurse
Flying Professor
Quiddtich expert

Head Of Ravenclaw House
The Herbology Professor

{The Sairem Sedashy}(.V.C.)
Magic Structure Professor

Duleing Professor

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1.) Respect Everyone

2.) Keep it PG13 at MAX

3.) Posting of nude OR inappropriate pictures/video's.

4.) Talk in 1st, 2nd or 3rd person in a Role-play: As long as we can understand you.

5.) GOD-MODDING IS FORBIDDEN, only the guild captain & vice captain's enforce the rule's.

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(?) Do you have unwanted flower's, paper, can's, old boot's, ink Or items taking up your inventory space, then donated it all to me...Headmistress-Slate by sending them to me on trade, the gold and items donated go's to the winners of the contests, games, & events. Don't donate Gold to the Guild Account...we have enough funds to send announcements and to many forum's.

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Click the banner's & link's bellow to be taken to them,

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NOTE: Hey everyone, it had been an amazing past few has came to my attention that do to the Harry potter movies and books end and the lack of me and others being around to keep things going that the guild has reached a braking point, now I understand that a lot of you have responsibilities out side of gaia < so do I...BUT just because you don't see anything going on that doesn't mean you can't start your own thing....however do to the fact that I have sent out a warning to all member's about them being removed from the guild if things on there end isn't done and I've only have very few responses < I have to consider the fact that this HP adventurer has reached it's end << if you agree with me then tell me so < if you don't then prove me wrong by helping me bring the guild back to it's formal glory.

((If you have ANY question's, suggestion's, concern's Or idea's concerning the guild then inform ME Headmistress-Slate and I'll get back to you when I can.

Thank you for your time and Support.

*~Have A Magical Day~*

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