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MP Center
MP Center is an elite guild based on supporting fellow members in the market. We offer tips/tricks on how to gain gold faster for YOUR quested items. Besides the marketplace, it is just another place for friendly chit-chat. We have a big member base, and are wishing to expand it to you! If you choose to accept, you will be encouraged to post and be active.

We encourage helping others. Not always with gifts but with Knowledge. heart

Not only are we a guild for the Marketplace, we offer clean friendly chatter that is perfect for any age. We are strict with our rules (Be sure to read them!), and uphold the ToS+ of GaiaOnline! Afraid of what might go on here? Fear not... smile

- Lupas Deva, and sgorman

We hold a perpetual Sealed Guessing Contest each and every month. Be the first and closest to guess what is in the next sealed and you get it!

We have many sub-forums to post in.

Guild Request Guidelines.
Please post something COHERENT and Semi-intelligent. I also check profiles. If I can't view your profile then I probably won't accept you.

Thanks to Adnama Lavode for for the Avatar Art on the guild homepage.

Guild Affiliates
This guild has some very good resouces!
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The Elite Dragonstripers Guild!
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