Welcome to Novalius.

A land where magical objects known as Moshi are found.
According to legend, Moshi were created by the gods to make the lands and sea, and then filled with all the creatures within them. In the beginning it was one Moshi, the Eternal Moshi that had the power of all the gods and demons combined, controlled only by the gods.
The demons were jealous of this power, they came together to take down the gods. The ambush they planned failed, but the gods suffered casualties and as a result they came to the decision to destroy the Eternal Moshi.
Destroying the Eternal Moshi would mean destruction of the whole realm of Novalius because it kept balance within the world. One god brought up an idea, “Why not break it into hundreds of tiny Moshi instead of destroying it altogether?” The agreement came to pass that they would smash the Eternal Moshi, creating many little Moshi that had a sliver of power hidden within them. The gods flew down to Novalius and scattered the pieces all over the land, hiding them as best they could to make sure it would be hard for demons to ever get a hold of.
The secret power within each Moshi varied greatly. But this was a way of stopping the demons from getting the whole power of the Eternal Moshi without destroying Novalius.
The people of Novalius would come upon a piece of Moshi once in awhile and most would never dare to use such a powerful object, others would use it, whether for good or evil. This event has turned the hearts of some, leaking chaos and war into the world that started in peace.
What would you use your Moshi for if you found one? Would you fight for peace or war?

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