This forest is on a Unknown Island In The Middle Of The Sea Protected By Magic.This Island has many Different Places filled with mystical creatures.
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Here Are The Seven Sections Of The Island.
Cast Offs:Human appeared but only so little of them but increasing and they know not where they are.

Mythical Creatures:The creatures of Myth and Legend live on this Island shocked by the Humans Arrival But Not Scared To Show Themselves.

Guardians: There Are The 7 Guardians Who Protect The Island Watching Over The Creatures But Are Angered At The Humans Arrival To The Island.

Stars:The Stars Are Just Like The Guardians But Watch Night And Day From The Inside Closely But There Are Only 4 Of Them.

Gods:Those Who Watch The Forest From The Inside Protecting It But There is Only 3 Of Them And Feel No Threat Of The Humans But Only Welcome Them.

Evil Gods: The Evil Gods Hide in a scret cave under the Island plotting there attack on the other gods

Executioners: They Are Those who attack the island and kill anything in there path but feel the need to kill the humans