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Welcome to Monster Slayer Academy, where the best and brightest come to learn the skills necessary to defeat the monsters and demons that lurk in our world and seek to destroy life as we know it. The mission of Monster Slayer Academy is to train the next generation of monster slayers in order to ensure the continuation of mankind's existence on the face of this planet. Monster Slayer Academy's classes are rigorous and challenging. Many students will not make it through, but the few that do will be the ones to lead mankind into the future. Do you have what it takes to become one of the chosen few? Then enroll in Monster Slayer Academy today!!!

Enrollment Process:

Step 1: Send a Join Guild Request

Step 2: If accepted, please first go into the forums and find the opening day ceremony, then read that.

Step 3: Next go to the forum labeled "School Rules" and read those.

Step 4: Go to the forum "Students" and the subforum "Student bios" and create a bio for your character(s), being sure to follow the school rules. (If you would like to be a teacher or staff member, please contact Queen of the Retards and she will tell you what to do from there)

Step 5: Go to the forum for Student teams and choose your team!

Step 6: Begin posting and enjoying the Monster Slayer Academy!

Once enrolled in the Monster Slayer Academy, you will be able to join clubs, take classes, go on quests, meet friends and make memories that will last a lifetime! So what are you waiting for? Join the Monster Slayer Academy today!

Side notes:
Quests will be updated at least once a week, so be sure to check back often!

The Monster Slayer Academy is always growing and changing! Every week a newsletter will be sent out, telling you about the new additions to the MSA and keeping you up-to-date on all of the happenings around the school, so be sure to read it!