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Whoever told ye’ that “Dead Men Tell No Tales” was a land lubbin’ fibber. Ye’ obviously haven’t heard of the likes of us! We are a band of pirates gathered from across the globe who met here on Gaia. We all came from a different walk of life, and we all have a different story. But one thing has brought us all together. The love of chests and booties!! (Wait ..erm, that’s not right) >_<

The love of treasure, gold chests, booty and the life of the open sea! Aye, lads! We be the Misfit Corsairs, the most ruthless yet loveable band of degenerates to set a course upon the seven seas! Like most pirates we enjoy the usual shenanigans. A lil’ lootin and plunderin’, a good drink, a good laugh, and a good friend to share the life of adventure with. Maybe that could be ye!

If ye’ interested in settin’ sail with us, feel free to speak to any of our crew or consult Captain Sidd directly. Ye' can usually find us on our ship, located in Towns. Ye’ can only join our ranks via invitation only. Ye' want a spot in the crew? Ye' got to earn it! Prove yer' worth by being dedicated to our guild, get to know us, and earn our trust. The Cap’n will find out personally if yer' Misfit Material!

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