Hello Bugaboos!

Welcome to the Miraculous Ladybug guild! Here you will find Ladynoirs, Chatnettes, Ladriens and adrienettes. Everyone is welcome to join this guild and spread the fandom. All I ask is that you follow these few simple rules
1. Follow ToS
2. Don't hate, curse, flip tables.
3. No Charity/Donation/Quest threads please, this guild is solely for ML and anything closely related
4. Please try to pm me your questions instead of making a thread. Makes the guild look alot less cluttered.
5. Have fun!

Thanks for joining!

Please introduce yourselves in the Welcome Thread smile

If you have any ideas on improving the guild or would like to become a crew member, please pm me smile
If you would like to donate some Gold for the upcoming contest/games threads. Let me know or send a trade labeled "ML Guild Games" to me