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(If interested in coloring the above picture, shoot Viper9000 a PM! I will happily provide items or gold in return for a colored picture! More details VIA PM!)

Yes you heard right. This is a guild for pregnant roleplaying.
And I'm not talking about the fetish kind!

This is where pregnant roleplays (RPs) can come to life, such as a married couple expecting their first child, or a teen mother-to-be struggling to find a safe haven and trying to live life.

But we are not just limited to 'normal' pregnancies. Also featured here are magical pregnancies such as those caused by invading aliens or a magic potion left behind by a careless wizard.

Plus, many many more!

The only catch... we do require you to be as LITERATE as possible! sweat

No one-line posts or posts like; *Eats breakfast. Burp.* "That was good." *Goes to work.*
If you RP like the above example, this guild is not for you and you will be removed.

For more details see our rules thread on the main forum or at the following link; Guild Rules

Apply today!


For those that want to join, copy/paste the following questions into your join request and fill em out!
If you DO NOT COMPLY, your request will be DECLINED!

1.Why do you want to join?

2.What do you really think of pregnancy?

3.What type of RPs do you enjoy the most?

4. Give an example of your RP skill. It can be any situation. (I don't want links to your other RPs, this is a test of how well you think on your toes when asked to RP.)

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