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Ever felt like you didnt belong because you were "different" or "special"? Or maybe its just because you looked different because you had a tail or ears. You might even be able to turn into an animal of some sort or just have powers in general. Well your not alone in this judging and cruel world that you and everyone else lives in. Others like yourself are out there maybe going through the same thing as you or maybe something entirely different. It doesnt matter because a place, a school to be exact, exists out there for anyone who needs a place to learn and just live......

Welcome to Mimi & Ura Academy [Ears & Tails]! Formerly known as Neko School before it got burned down by a crazed and evil man named Vincent. This school was remade by the help of many former students and teachers but most importantly by the new Headmistress who was also a student, Miss Alexandra Moore. Made for nekos, furries, and the like its a place of safety and peace, most of the time. Like with any place there are evil, twisted, and cruel people that lurk in the shadows waiting to strike but we are ready for anything.

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❶ Please respect all role players in this RP. That is simple enough so I don't want to see people fighting with each other or any disrespect of any kind.

❷ Listen to my rules and the rules of gaia. They are here for a reason. I hope you ALL stay on my good side.

❸ At least make your posts 3 sentences or longer. I don't want to see one sentences from people. We all get writers block once in a while but dont just act like your not interested. Be creative!

❹ Your post should at least have a picture of the person you are Role playing as. Added stuff is accepted too.

❺ No cybering. That is a big no no and its greatly frowned upon. I understand that this is a Role Play for people who want to have a good time but, NO ONE WANTS TO BE SEEING THAT!!!! So please don't bring any of that here. Kissing,hugging,and stuff like that is ok but other stuff is NOT. If you want to do that them just time skip PLEASE! Time skips are good. Remember that.

❻ Dont God Mod. Just dont do it. Simple as that. If you are seen god moding in this role play you will be warned once and then your out of this role play. No questions, your just out. I'm tired of people doing this in Role Plays that I'm in.

❼ Fighting is accepted but don't get too detailed! No one really wants to know how you pulled out a character's guts or anything like that. Keep it PG-13 with the violence!

❽ The biggest and most important rule is this HAVE FUN! I made the Role Play just for that reason. I may sound scary and mean but I'm actually a great person to talk to and role play with. Just follow these rules and you'll have fun. ^w^

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How To Join

Are you active?
Did you read the rules and if so tell me one of the rules
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How'd you find out about this guild?
Do you like animals?

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