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This is a strength born in misery, a bogus cut of this insanity, we fight our way from the gates of hell

This guild features: Charity games, 'What band's lyrics' game, RP Band Space, Members favorite bands, Song of the day & week voting, Band of the day & week voting, Genre discussions, Music Polls, etc.

We have finally hit 300+ members in such a short time. To put that into perspective, we already have more members than many guilds older than us! Everything is progressing quickly! All that is left to do is begin assembling a hoard of members. Wanna help? Have ideas? I'm a post/pm away.

We only need positive members: Get caught bashing someones bands, and your ******** out FOR GOOD. If you wanna act like you know everything, you best prove you know what the ******** your talking about. We don't want argumentative people rambling, we need insightful people!


[ talk hard ]
Real Horrorshow Groodies
Twisted Creations
Heaps Grind Party
Angels Reflection
That Toaster Strudel
To Seal Our Fate
Mrs Haldir
Make Me Freakin Famous

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DO NOT donate anymore gold to the guild account, we wont use 500k in a million years! The only thing the guild account can buy is more forums & guild announcements. It has plenty of money to do that. If you want to donate items or cash to be used in the Metal Trivia or Name That Band/Song forums, send me a trade and I'll make sure members benefit with more prizes! Thanks, -Bubonic Metal