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This week we are featuring the band, Dio as our Metal band of the Month Contest winner.

After More than 3 years in operation Metal Reign has reached 65,000 posts. We are all very proud of what we have created here, please join us for this momentous occasion in Metal Reign History! We are celebrating the fact that we have now become the most active Metal Guild in Gaia (post count wise).

Metal Reign is a guild for people who are into metal and want a place to have a calm, laid-back conversation about the music they like. There will be a sub-forum for each kind of metal, as well as a "Other Music" and a "GD (main)" forum. There is also a thread in the main forum where, if you are unsure what genre a certain band belongs to, you can ask and someone will tell you what it is.

In order to join we ask that you say at least a little bit to show that you have an interest in metal (i.e. a few bands you enjoy, as well as which sub-genres). You do not have to be completely familiar with metal (or even if you are just getting into it), just give us some kind of idea that you are in fact interested in learning more and we will accept.

Once you are accepted please use the "Introduce yourself" topic and read the Announcements and Stickies. If you are looking for recs there will be a rec thread in each of the sub-forums where you can ask. In the "Other Music" sub-forum there will be separate threads for different kinds of music (try to look for an existing thread before you make your own). Now here are some rules that you should follow at all times (in addition to the TOS that is).

1) We do NOT tolerate aggressive behavior, rude comments, OR elitism in any way shape or form, it doesn't matter who you are or who you are friends with. It will not be tolerated here. This doesn't mean you can't disagree or get into a debate with anyone. It simply means that when the debate or argument gets out of hand,( ie flaming) we will put a stop to it.

2) If you do violate our rules, there will be a 2-strikes policy:
1. Warning,
2. Perma-ban you will not be let back in after this.

These rules should be clear enough and easy to follow.

If you feel that someone is breaking rules and you don't see it being taken care of, feel free to PM a mod to handle the problem. If it is a mod who is causing the problems, contact a different mod to report it.

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