Please read all of the pg. and following the rules for submitting to join
If you get declined, read the rules on this pg. again

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This guild is for Pichi Pichi Pitch fans.

Here we will

talk about pichi pitchi pitch
and many other things

Please Join and have fun

type out all words. Do NOT use "ur" instead of "your" "2" instead of "to, two too" "r" instead of "are" etc.

As soon as you join, please post at least 5 times or you will get banned. We are banning everyone if they have under 5 posts. put "Cheesecake" in your request if you have read this.

When you go to submit your request please do the following
- Explain why you would like to be in this guild
- How many episodes you've watched (don't worry, if you've watched none, that's fine too)
- How many books you have read (same with above)
- Any Mermaid Melody stuff you own?