Please be sure to read the Announcement thread titled,
"Rules, FAQ, News [READ ME FIRST!]"

Welcome to M&K's Inc.! This is basically a Mini Shops forum thread that relocated to a GGN guild. This guild is set to Public, so you do not need to become a member in order to come in and shop or chat.

Here is a quick look at what you can purchase here:

  • Avatar Edits

    Hundreds of premade edits including wigs, accessories, and clothing. Limited editions and custom edits are occassionally available as well. These are available from BridgeChan, 0mega_Virus, and LadyDelaidra. (The other shopkeepers are currently retired or on break).

  • Animated Graphics

    From battle scenes to landscapes, lots of customizable animated gif images are available from 0mega_Virus, who handles all of those requests.

    [NOTE]: Most of the avatar edits you see in this store were originally created by Meriko and Kimini. They're the Captains of this guild, but are currently retired from managing shop threads. Please do not contact them in order to place an order for shop items. Thank you~