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During the beginning of the Industrial Revolution in Britain, a group of merchants served the wealthy for money. Killing those who were in their way so they would be able to acquire more land and wealth for themselves. The merchants saw this greed and vowed never to let greed get in the way of morals and honor. Ego must always come last... this was the birth of the Mercenaries Brotherhood.

Some recruited at birth.... others taken from their normal lives... the world's most highly trained Group of Mercenaries in the world.. An army for hire.. The highest bid changing the outcome of a single fight. Money? Greed? Power? None of it matters to those who kill in the name of the Corporation.

Mercenary Incorporated, a name that will set it's place in history carved in diamond. Nothing will match the loyalty of the mercenaries employed by the Corporation. Nothing will match the effectiveness, and precision.

Taking the world's rejects, or spawning a new age of soldiers. Once integrated into the Corporation, it's a life sentence. No one leaves alive. Only the battlefield is where these soldiers are aloud to leave alive.

Know as The Franchise, The Brotherhood, The Corporation, and simple Mercenary Incorporated. Once they have the name selected, they will collect that name. They will give meaning to the meaningless, and everyone will become a true hero in one way or another.

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