If you or somebody you know suffers from depression, anxiety (social and generalized), multiple personality disorder, eating disorders and many more or any sleep conditions including but not limited to insomnia, sleep paralysis, hallucinations, seizures etc. This thread is geared to help you. We, in our best ability, provide one-on-one help, suggestions and information if you or your child or parent is suffering from any of these illnesses. We want to provide support groups for eating disorders, and try to provide many different types of therapy group sessions (sessions meant as homeworks or exercises you can do by yourself or with a group of people). We will provide art therapy exercises, which is particularly effective for artistic individuals.

So please join today and make the world better with understanding that mental illnesses ARE life-threatening and should be taken much more seriously than many people do. Even though you cannot see a mental illness, it is just like a broken leg, you are handicapped and you need to get help to heal.