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This is a Roleplay with Megaman and the we're rewriting history and changing destiny. Add robot fighting you've got this guild.

Of course, if you just want to see things go kablooie we will not hold that against you. This is a work in progress where your cool ideas will have an impact. Also we must warn you, there are game spoilers everywhere and whatever the captain says goes.

1.No godmodding,
We will decide whats godmodding and not YOU. Goddmodding is stuff without the other users permission. Whether it be death of blood loss or a simple kiss we don't accept without the others permission. No, not the captains or Vice Caps the other member,etc. Yes, that means in a basic fight.
Uh yea
example of fights that are not permitted:

I jumped and kneed the other guy in the chin and hit it face. He was forced to his a wall. I jumped down and stabbed him in the arm.

No we do not permit that stuff. So stay away. Godmodding also includes stupidly, horribly, and wayyyyyy overpowered characters. Characters that are way overpowered on the other hand are welcome.
2.No making forums with out permission
3.No choosing the same characters. (This means no more Zeros.)
4.You cannot use the name MEGAMAN in your profile you must change it to somthing either that fits or you made.
5. No cybering please keep that personal. Really.
6. We like cheesy stuff.

Addendum: Please make custom characters that fit into the Megaman theme. Megaman X walking into Traverse town on Kingdom Hearts works cause that game is a glorious mish-mash but Sora walking into Sigma's lair won't work. The power of friendship won't save him from a vice captain abusing their power. No Belmont's, no Dumbledores, no Sonics, and no Rainbow Dash! You get the point.

That's all we ask you to follow. Please note that there are punishments.