We welcome thee...

It takes place with a prince and his town people awaiting the new bride, in Scotland. Plagued by the surrounding war and diseases in the dark times life has to have some love/romance.

A time when electricity was a fantasy and plumbing was a privilege. Welcome to medieval Scotland!! Welcome to the Kingodm Menthon!

You can fall into love and lust, but it's harder than it seems to climb back out...

~ Basic Guild Rules ~
* No killing people's characters without their permission
* No god-modding
* No bullying (email me if you are being bullied with evidence)
* No cybering. Romance and lust is seriously encouraged, but posting obscene content is not tolerated.

~ To Join ~
You can create your own character of any age just by emailing me first, this is a VERY open guild and I normally allow anything, just go through me first. There will be no king or queen though, only the prince and princess.

Role ideas / list can be found here.

Bio [RP example]-

~ To Rise in the Ranks ~
* You have proven yourself worthy of a crew member. This includes: good grammar, good spelling, being active, and being worth your salt.

~ Proper Quitting Procedures ~
* Characters may be killed.
* You may give your character away.

You will be banned if you are not active. There may come a time when there are 'cleaning periods' in this guild.