In the future, mechs (giant robots) have been integrated to almost every part of our society be it warfare, construction, sports or otherwise. But not just anyone can pilot a mech. Oh no, you need a license for your death machine! This is where your local Mech Academy comes in. This is a high school dedicated to training potential pilots in the basics of whatever mech career path they want.

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Tips for finding a good mech: Look them up on google images or something. Photobucket isn't always reliable in finding good mecha. Then reedit or resize them on photobucket or something and post.

What can you do here? You can make your own alien race, fight or romance others, and form your own alliances. Pilots can use mechs for warfare, sports,etc.
No godmods
6 student characters maximum
3 teacher characters maximum
No cybering
No excessive profanity
Follow Gaia rules
Keep it PG-13
Type more than one sentence
Post picture every time you RP
characters must be illustrated, no real people