Master X Honey

This is a guild where you are either a Master or a Honey. When you are a Honey you are owned by another student who is well per say weatlhy or rich.
He or she will help pay off all your familes debt, but in return you must make sure your master pass all of his or her classes and you do what ever they tell you to do you cant disobey yout master.
If you are to disobey them you are thrown out of school and the debt that your Master was paying off he will no longer help you with.
So dont disobey your Master Honey or you'll regret it.

~Must be Active
~Respectful to everyone in the guild
~What ever the Cpatain and VP says go's
~No god Moding
~Now nothing R-rated if so do a time skip or take it to the PM's, I wouldnt have my Guild taken away.
~And enjoy your self
~Check rules cuz I might add more