Hello people! I'm XxX Forever_Black XxX

I hope you enjoy rp-ing at Master & Slaves -your control-

Unlike most master slave rps this one now has a town subfourm where all character can go and meet others.

There are some rules though:
1. Be nice to others, it's not ok to be a jerk we all are people after all
2. No cybering please. I want you to Time Skip for god sake we don't need to break TOS here
3. Stay Active, if you can't please pm me or my vice about it so we don't accidentally ban you
4. Keep the text talk and cursing to a minimum, it's ok to do it just not every word okay
5. Just have fun

oh yes another thing is that this guild is a rp with characters not yourselves...so keep that in mind before joining thank you

Please donate too!