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General Info: We are a group of people who are extremely obsessed with manga, and we show our obsession by buying/reading all the manga there is. Or we just simply love manga because what is there about manga not to love?

The guild would have special events, fanfiction, fanart, roleplaying, a chatterbox of our own, and easy to find manga threads that're categorized by plubishing companies. Meet new friends and start rambling!

There is a guild fee, because in near future there will be more guild extentions, which all of us may participate in. It also proves slighty no matter if there is or is not an entry fee, you're an manga otaku (fan). Knowing that there are people who are paying a fee, shows that you're willing to dedicate yourself to this guild. (And plus, it's only 75g)

Just simply follow the rules below, those who act against these rules will be punished.

Go ahead and join the zOMG Manga Maniacs Clan

1. Harassment is not tolerated!
2. Gaia TOS must be followed at all times.
3. Quite simply, respect one another.
4. No spamming unless it's in the guild Chatterbox
5. When you join, you need to state your reason of joining, one sentence is sufficient, don't leave it blank.
6. When joining the guild, please SUBSCRIBE the journal of Manga.Maniacs.Guild which is our "Official" guild mule. Friendlisting of the mule maxed.

Sister Guilds/Affiliation
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-The Awesome Anime and Manga Guild is a place for everyone who like anime and manga to have fun, hang out, and chat with others that have the same interests. You can also get suggestions on good anime and manga!^^

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-Manga and Anime Guild, you can talk about the latest anime and manga here. They have pictures and lists of anime and manga! Remember to follow their rules!

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-I.R.T.I.A (I Read, Therefore I Am) is a guild is for those who are passionate about reading books. Book lovers, unite!

How do I join?
On the top right corner of this page will say "Request to Join", and please write something so we know that you're interested. Leaving your request blank will probably result in being denied.

Why is there a fee?
All of us have agreed at this before we got into the GGN, if we changed it now, it wouldn't be fair.

How do I pay the fee?
Once we accept you into the guild, the gold automatically goes to the guild account.

Can you take out the gold that's in the guild account?
No we cannot take out the gold, the gold is used for buying special additions for the guild, such as Subforums.

What is a Sister Guild?
A sister guild is more like an alliance, we help each other out whenever it is needed.

How do I become a Sister Guild?
Just PM Lady Miyuka and exchange information.

Old Guild Thread [The link doesn't work anymore, but it's nice to keep it here.]
Our guild has a proud history. We were founded by Lady Miyuka on Wednesday November 19, 2003 2:29 am. The guild started out small, but grew quickly. With the exponential growth on Gaia, our memberlist rapidly grew to 72 members. Now, on Tuesday August 17, 2004 2:47 am, after 201 pages and 3014 replies, we have come up with the necessary funds (20K) to move into this new wonderful home. Let's continue the great tradition that the Manga Maniacs Guild has shown in the past.