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Hello to all and welcome to the Manga, Anime, and Other Awesome Stuff guild! We will be roleplaying, discussing manga and anime, doing contests, and pretty much anything you want! Seriously...ANYTHING. There is a huge selection of things to do and plenty of interesting forums to post in. If you join, you won't regret it. Well, at least I hope you won't. What about it could you possibly dislike? Because if you have a problem, we have a suggestions forum. I, le amazing Guild Captain (aka. pup720), will fix your problems for you!! Y'know, if it involves the guild. Because I can't fix your facial deformities or stuff like that. Anyways, we also happen to have guild chat space. There, you can chat with friends and do all sorts of fun stuff! So what're you waiting for? Join, ya losers! Just kidding~ You're probably not all losers, right? Okay then, join please! Click here to go to the guild chat space! DO IT.

Here are a just a few of the mangas and animes we're familiar with....
♥ Mahou Sensei Negima
♥ Shugo Chara
♥ Fairy Tail
♥ Fruits Baskets
♥ Rosario + Vampire
♥ Rosario + Vampire Season II
♥ Tokyo Mew Mew
♥ Chibi Vampire
♥ Cardcaptor Sakura
♥ Tsubasa
♥ A.I Love You
♥ Ultra Maniac
♥ Chobits
♥ Maid Sama!
♥ Yotsuba&!
♥ Tokyo Mew Mew a la Mode
♥ Nabari No Ou
♥ Dorothy of Oz
♥ Azumanga Daioh
♥ Pichi Pichi Pitch
♥ Mamotte Lollipop!
♥ Happy Happy Clover
♥ Rave Master
♥ Hikaru No Go
♥ Arisa
♥ Moon Boy
♥ Imadoki!
♥ Toto!
♥ Negima! Neo
♥ Orange Marmalade
♥ Shugo Chara-chan
♥ Kasumi
♥ To Love Ru
♥ To Lov Ru Darkness
♥ Watashi Ni XX Shinasai!
♥ Koko Ni Iru Yo!
♥ Kamikami Kaeshi
♥ Love Berrish
♥ Buso Renkin
♥ Pandora Hearts
♥ Voices of a Distant Star
♥ One Piece
♥ Cirque Du Freak
♥♥♥♥♥ AND MANY MANY MORE! ♥♥♥♥♥

The Guild Rules

! Godmodding and auto-hitting is not permitted in roleplaying.

! Be respectful to me, to other peoples' posts, to other people, and to this guild.

! Have fun and do not eat dirt.

! Nothing over PG-13 is permitted throughout this guild.

! Try not to swear too much. There are children present.

! Try not 2 typ lik dis. it is hard 4 sum pple to read dis. (So no text talk.)

! Donate when necessary. I don't have enough money to support the guild alone.

! No cyber abuse, racial slurs, hentai, porn, etc.... It's just wrong.

! No spamming, unless you're posting in The Can of Spam! ((Chatterbox)).

! I will find you and mentally stab you 57 times if you do not follow these rules and guidelines...or as I like to say, 'guildlines'. LAWL, I'm hilarious!! Not. I'm just a loser... sweatdrop

! Alert me if you have any problems or questions. For reals. Just tell me.

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How to Join

✰ Click the join button.

✰ We automatically accept members, so that's it! You have joined! Yay! Now celebrate for a bit because you have joined the most AMAZING guild ever with an entry fee of ZERO!

✰ Done celebrating already?? Okay. Now go to the newcomer's thread. For Newcomers and All That Want to Read... It will tell you a little about the guild and what you can do in it.

✰ And finally, you can start posting! awesome

Hey, do you see this donation box under these sentences? Please don't donate unless you see less than 5,000gg in the guild account. We have enough gold right now. Thanks! ^^