The battle between Earth and Moon Colony has finally subsided, but peace is still nothing but a whisper in the wind to both forces. To some there shall never be such a thing and they'd never allow such a treaty between the two. Behind closed doors sits a secret organizations within the Moon and Earth with nothing to claim from this talk of peace, but so much to gain in the two's war, such as the top seat of each world..A scheme begins to come together within the ranks of the Moon Colony. A plot to assasinate the leaders of these two worlds begin to unfold as the peices fall into place..The organization known as "Hawk Eye" is one of the most elite forces of the Moon Colony, such is also to be said of "Tsunami" of the Earth forces. Gen. Yamasuki Talon is the leader of Hawk Eye and next in line to rule the Moon Colony, the same is for the head of Tsunami, Kairo Kuramashi. With the thought of war still fresh will these two power hungry warlords have their way or will the plot be sniffed out and overturned??...You'll be the judge of that in the exciting Rp of Gundam Mach 7: Threat from Within.