Once you join Lyxa's Hideout, you will get the latest information about my store on Gaia! (And of course recieve that freeee gift!)

The marketstore that is runned by the owner Ampilyxa. Yes, this guild will update you about everything Lyxa's Hideout has to offer! Once you join, you will be subcribed to a ton of exciting news! You can get the latest news on

Sale Annoucements Yeees, you will be notified when the store will hold sales!

LH Events What's a store without events? Lyxa's Hideout don't sell every single item you wish for, so we hold store events that will sell you rare items =D

Falalala Give aways~! It's not just Christmas that is the season of giving, I'll be giving away free items on bunch of Holidays =)

More events to come in the future =D