Hey! I'm Song, call me Song, Sierra, or any variation of Star. This guild was created because I couldn't find any guilds that I actually wanted to join...And since I love love, am an artist and musician, I figured I may as well create a guild.

Original reason for creating LG

NO! We are not a "Wanna date?" Guild. *smacks dumb people* noooo, when I say "lover" I mean the poets. The singers, the romantic people. I noted that there was no such guild here. -_-' So here I am, making one. xD I'd love you to join, , and I do appreciate serious people, as well as the..."crazy" ones. 3 .

New Reason

Anyway, my reason for making this and being a member I am a total romantic, and I hate seeing loved tossed around. As one of my friends said, I am a "bleeding heart." Won't say why though .xD Plus, I love poetry, and I'm a singer, so there. biggrin

Da Rules.
1. Follow all normal Gaia rules.
2. Be polite....mostly, lol
3. Feel free to speak whats on your mind
4. Don't be a thread stalker. O_O those people are creepy.
5. Enjoy yourselves. I'll be adding more rules as needed.

I need donations for more subforums!

When I run contests:
DO NOT DONATE TO THE GUILD. Send your gold straight to ME and only ME.

No contests currently running.