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a place for loveless lovers (heehee) to rp there loveless lives away.*giggle*only 4 carachter max.

Now let me introduce this rp to everyone of you:

Intro & Plot

Loveless is a sh┼Źnen-ai fantasy manga by Yun Kouga. It is currently serialized in the monthly magazine Monthly Comic Zero Sum published by Ichijinsha. Eight compilation volumes have been released. The manga is licensed for US release by Tokyopop, with seven volumes released as of November 2007. A 12 episode anime television series adaptation was made by J.C.Staff, broadcast in a post-midnight slot on TV Asahi and Asahi Broadcasting Corporation from April 2005 to June 2005. The anime series was licensed and released in the US by Media Blasters in a set of 3 DVDs in early 2006.
The most immediately striking aspect of the story is that many characters are kemonomimi, but rather than the conventional catgirls, the protagonists are catboys. Those who no longer have the animal features are differentiated by society as "adults" who've lost their virginity, illustrating an underlying theme about the role of sexuality in a societal context.

On his first day at his new school, 12-year old, Ritsuka Aoyagi meets a mysterious 20-year old man named Soubi Agatsuma. He claims to be a good friend of Ritsuka's brother, Seimei, who was recently murdered, and the suspicious organization called Seven Moons may be responsible for the death. As Ritsuka quickly finds out, Seimei and Soubi acted as a pair involved in spell battles. Now Soubi is Ritsuka's 'sentouki', or fighter, and Ritsuka is his 'sacrifice'. Together, they challenge the organization to find out the truth behind Seimei's death and the reason for Ritsuka's amnesia, but end up forming an intimate bond with each other as they unravel the mystery.

Now five years later the world of fighters and sacrifices has gotton a lot more vivid. With prestigous families controlling and backing up Seven moons and its group Septimal Moon there is a increase in the number of students that attend the school and many around the world. With five families that have their hand in every move made they tend to have lots to cover up from the outside society. Now that Ritsuka is 17 his life is geting a bit more hectic with a new generation of foes and allies popping up into his life with their own stories.
Where is Soubi and Semei? Who is after Ritsuka now and why? Who is the real Lovess fighter? Who are all these new faces and what are their stories? Lets find out shall we?

Find your partner and make allies in this fantasic world of mystery, magic and unity.

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