Welcome to Soleil!
The beautiful beach town nestled right on the coast!

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Soleil is the ideal place to be if you enjoy your time on the beach. And who knows? Maybe you'll come across someone you're ready to spend the rest of your life with. Even the person you hate could end up being your true love. You never know! So if you feel like taking a risk, then come along and join us. After all, the city itself is piled full of fun places to explore!

Though a little ways away from the many tourist attractions is the island of Mykronos. At first glance, it seems similar to Soleil in a sense of fun in the sun... However, myths hover around its clear blue waters - the legendary Nanoa fruit. Would you be willing to take the risk?

Though there is a catch. When is there not?

In order to find this soul mate of yours... You must go through the jungle of trials and tribulations with your intended partner: the person you believe to be your soul mate. That's right! You don't even know if they're really your life partner to begin with! And if you manage to get through... The gates will open and Love's Orchard will be revealed! There you will find the legendary Nanoa fruit. This fruit -if eaten with another person- will tell you whether or not together you are soul mates. So, like I said, you better be absolutely sure you think they're your soul mate. Because once you nab the fruit off the top of a tree, you must eat it together. You can't split the fruit. You can't break the fruit. You can't take the fruit off the island. You have to eat it... Together. Mouth to mouth. And you have to eat the whole thing.

Every. Last. Bite.

ωαииα נσιи?

☼ Do you enjoy romance?
☼ Why do you want to join?
☼ Are you active on Gaia?
☼ A roleplay sample.

*PLEASE remember to read the rules before you create a character!!!*

*With the creators that brought you Lehakoe Academy.*
"This school is so strange. True love is something yearned for right?
Finding the one we are meant to be be with is supposed to be a life goal right?
Yet this school has another way of seeing that..."

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