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Welcome to the guild!
This is a guild where Louie and Moira can
be seen as a couple, and rememberd as
one. Hope in the future that they can get
together agian. And I have no Idea, way
gaia spilt them. And if gaia have not split them,
I be more then happy to think of it, as a joy.
And finally moira got an good man.

Way them:
They look great together, and I see no reson
way Moira and louie can't be together.
Sins I looked up Moiras page on gaiaonline,
and she like vampires, guys with black hair,
and tan skin. Louie like Moira like a godess
and his hole family knows that.

(I know rules are boring, but its for
the best, to have a good time for everyone)

-You must be nice to others,
and treat them with respect.
-Have fun, posting art, videos, story
lines or fan art of louie and moira,
that you want to share. Don't be scared,
to share what you have, I/we be happy to see what
you got.
-follow the gaia rules.
-Try to have fun!! <3

Don't do this:
-Don't brag or mark others, or stalk in that case.
(it is just not cool, in anyway)
-Don't say anything negative about the couple,
it would be auto banned from the guild. (if I find out)

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~Hope you will join~