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Lᴏᴛᴜs is a group open to females, mtf transgender/transexual people, and genderfluid individuals. As long as you consider yourself feminine, you are welcome.

This group is about communicating, sharing, and community building. It is for lasting friendships and much needed 'girl time' that many of us don't have time to seek in our daily life.
We seek to create an ambiance of fun, honesty, and communication between feminine beings of all ages. We believe that having friends on all venues is something that can not only help us mentally, but can also help us get more out of being online in general.

- Be kind, courteous, and helpful.
- No flaming, abuse, or random rudeness.
- Follow TOS
- No body-shaming
- Be culturally and religiously sensitive.
- Help others.
- Do not be afraid to ask/offer for help.

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"Why Was I Invited?"
There are a few reasons, and we understand if you don't accept. We look for sweet and community oriented women and girls on Gaia who are proud to be individuals, keep it real, and have one helluva sense of humor. If we notice you out and about being generally awesome, we may just invite you. Take it as a compliment.

"Why Should I Join?"
You should join, primarily, because you want to.
Though this place focuses on zen and community, don't think we are by any means boring!
We believe that everyone should have a place to be honest about feelings, our lives, and our stories in general.
We are a smorgasboard of artists, writers, professionals, students, girly girls and tomboys, young women and older sages. We are a pretty damn solid group of fun folks that you really want to be a part of. smile
Don't hesitate to make yourself at home and meet some awesome ladies!

T o g e t h e r W e B l o s s o m.

*Please DO NOT donate gold to the guild directly!
We have more than enough for forums and announcements.
If you wish to donate something as a prize or for other things, send a trade to the guild mule account " LadiesofLotus ".