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(Please read this whole thing before you join!)
Hi every one! I have a question.
Do you consider yourself a nerd, loser, band-geek, dork or freak? THEN WELCOME HOME!!! Because this is the place for you!
Here at the losers club everyone is strange!

Q & A time! This should answer all of your questions(if not then mail me.).
Q) Why join us?
A) Because you are loser like me and everyone else here.

Q) That hurt my feelings, I'm not a loser... am I?
A) Yes, in one way or another we are all losers.

Q) What makes a loser?
A) A loser is anyone who isn't able to Ride a bike, Get a girl/boyfriend, Swim, Dance, Fight, Hold liquor, Rub your stomac and pat you head at the same time, Ect.

Q) What are you about?
A) I just wanted to show people they aren't alone in being a loser. So i thought that if we pulled together we wouldn't be qite as lame.

Q) What should i do here?
A) Talk to other losers, hangout, ask advice, learn from others mistakes, find a girl/boyfriend to make you less of a loser, ect.

Q) How do i join?
A)Click the join thingy and tell me this in the thingy that you clicked on

What makes you a loser
if you have a valid reason for being a loser you will be let in.

Q) What is your info?
Name Bandit
Age 17
Likes video games & cats
Dislikes big dogs
What makes me a loser I'm broke, girlfriendless, a pervert ( i've been dubed "King of Perverts" wink and I'm failing math. crying

Laying down the law!
1) No Homophobes
2) No exessive spam
3) Bumping is great
4) No flaming n00bs
5) Everyone is welcome (including n00bs)
6) If your going to be in the club you have to POST!

Additional Guild information
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