We are the Los Angeles Bloods. ~ Blood

~ Bloods life Motto ~

~We well show that any members of the "Crips" gang the wrong gang . Where here to Rival it off with the Crips and show they mean no infuence to anybody and that the blood are more death blowing and more feared then the Crips could ever become. Please join us brothers or sister in the war between us this is a battle off to show that we live to fight another day . We gang bang and we show fear to everyone eye's in Los Angeles . But more and likely to show that the Crips well be afriad everyday to but that blue they wear on .

Code Of Conduct

~ We "Do Not" do anything with any members of the crips . If any officer finds out about u associating with any members of the crips u are banned from the gang and black listed as a tratior.

~ We "Always" Have red on are avater . If u do not wear red u show no respect for are gang colors . And is kicked out of the gang.

More rules soon to come.


~How to join~

The way to join into the Los Angeles Bloods in to first join the Guild and copy and paste and answer these question into why u would like to join the guild give them as very detailed as u can .

Gang Nickname
Reason u wanna join
Do u follow all the rules in the "Code of Conduct" and well follow any new upcoming rules soon to be created in later times Yes or No ? (Answer here.)
Anything extra u would like to tell me that may boost your chances into the Los Angeles Bloods?