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Fantasy University (formally known as Neko U take two) is a role playing guild with its main bases being an academy that is fantasy based. You can see, our subforums main names are in the fantasy basis but what sort of rps are to go there are beside that in parentheses so as not to confuse anyone.
This guild is based on tolerance and freedom to rp. We do not allow any type of bullying and take such things very seriously. If you wish to report a bullying though, you must have solid proof and atleast 2 witnesses whom are part of the guild. We don't wish any bullies faking attacks by another person on themselves in order to get that person booted without just cause.
Fantasy U is also a haven for higher level rpers. We do not take anyone who is not semi-literate at least. We will be monitoring every guild members posts and if we see anyone resort straight to one sentences more than 5 times in 3 separate rps, you will receive a warning and if your rping does not improve at all within a weeks time, you will be booted.
As always, Gaia TOS applies. Cybering in the forums is not allowed, nor do I allow blatant rp searches where its painfully obvious all you want is a sex rp. Such as...
Anyone want to do a ******** rp with me?

Anyone posting in threads such as that will be automatically banned. As an author I understand that sex is a natural occurrence between men and woman or those of the same sex as the case may sometimes be and therefore is a reasonable part of any plot, but there is no need to so blatantly advertise for just that. If you want something to happen later on in your private story, put that as a little note in your main post for searching and be discreet about it.
I will add more rules if they are absolutely necessary and when I do there will be an announcement about it so as no one can say they were caught unawares. That said, welcome to Fantasy University, may your time here be magical!

Please Fill This Out To Join:


Were you part of this guild when it was Neko U take two?:
( You do not need to have been a previous member to be accepted, however, having been a previous member DOES NOT guarantee you will be accepted back. Do not assume so and throw a fit if you are denied.)

Will You Be Active?: ( If you are going to be in active, inform us before hand. If we do not hear from you and you are inactive for more than 3 weeks, you will be removed for inactivity.)

Will You Love And Tolerate The Ideas And Beliefs Of Others?:

Are You Semi-Literate at least, very Literate at most?:

Please provide an example of your rping skills:
( Either write out a one paragraph sample or put a link to an rp you frequently post in. Please make sure the link is directly to a page holding one of your responses, we don't want to have to skim through page after page looking for one example.)

Will You Follow All Guild Rules And Regulations?: