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Hello there and welcome to Live, Love, Be; a guild where lesbians, bisexuals, pansexuals and trans can all come to relax in the safety of our guild, free from the discrimination and intolerence of society. Transgendered and transsexuals are both allowed here, so there's no need to worry. If you are of feminine soul, feminine body, or both, we want you. This is a place in which everyone is encouraged to relax and feel at home.

With this, you are forewarned; non-active members cannot participate in certain events and contests so we encourage you to post -- else you wish to miss out on lots of fun!

♥ Rules

No men.
Respect everyone here.
Please be as literate as possible.
Follos the ToS and the guild rules.
No spamming; this includes bumping and emote-only posts.
Take any of your problems up with the mods; we'll try to handle whatever situation as best we can.
Put "I am the fish" under What colour is the sky?
Keep anything and everything PG-14 unless otherwise stated. [eg. in the Nurse's Office]
Please send all donations to our guild mule, LiveLoveBeMascot
Enjoy yourselves

We are currently auto-accepting new members to revive this guild. <3

♥ Forums

♥ Narnia [Roleplaying Subforum]
♥ Mirror Mirror [Post Your Selfies]
♥ Artist's Corner [Post Your Own, Image Galleries]
♥ Therapist's Chair [Advice column, rants, Dirty Little Secrets]
♥ Library [Literature discussion, Post Your Own]
♥ Game Closet [Wordgames, quizzes, surveys]
♥ Nurse's Office [Mature discussion, resources]
♥ Newsroom [Politics, Worldly News, Discussions]
♥ DJ's Booth [Music discussion, TV Shows, Movies, etc.]
♥ Anime Convention! [Anime, Manga, Cosplay!]
♥ Ballroom [Contests and Events]
♥ Lovers Paradise [Relationship Forum, Personals]
♥ Boutique [Vend your talents here!]
♥ Dressing Room [Social Media, Lifestyle, Fashion]

♥ Sister Guilds

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