Rules god modding please(it takes the fun out of everything)
2.don't be disrespectful to the captain,vice captain, and crew
3. no arguing in guild(if you have something to say pm the person)
4.profiles must be approved before using..(i don't want people making chars that cant really fit)
5. make good posts..nothing short like one words. try to make it worth reading
6. let me get this point ut to you love at first defeats the purpose of working your way to a relationship
7. if anyone breaks theses rules tell the vice's or captain himself(make sure you have proof please) and we will solve the problem..oo and have fun

you must have this in your application please..if not we are not accepting..we want active people..not ones who do nothing did you find guild?
2. will you be active?
3. can you give us a example of you roleplaying(doesn't have to relate to this guild)?
4. (optional) why did you join(we will not judge)?