Hey, everybody! This is a
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guild (obviously) but I, Kieshiada, would just like to say, if you really like Linkin Park and will like them forever, then this is the place for you. Even if you don't even know who Linkin Park is but just like rock, now, due to our recent updates, we have more diversity in what we discuss.
Currently, l, Kieshiada, am a member of LPU (Linkin Park Underground) and it is a great place to be if you love Linkin Park! Also If you don't really know who Linkin Park is, or don't even know them, we can introduce them to you!

Guild rules:
1. Respect each other and respect moderators.
2. Keep the guild PG-13.
3. People that lie about relationships of the band members or impersonations of the real band members will be immediately banned.
4. Do not flame.
5. Crew members nay not just ban members whenever they want,
you must get permission
6. Have as much fun as possible.
7. And try your best to at least post twice every week.*

When requesting to join, please include the following:
Favorite Song
Favorite Album
Favorite Band Member
If you are in the LPU or part of the LP Street Team

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*banner made by Unforgettable Sound


- 8/11/07 - We have almost reached 200 members. This is a real shock for me well because well never mind! -- Kieshiada

- 8/12/07 - Well, to me, since this guild is getting to get more popular and so on i think we should become more diverse Such as subforums for other bands, but we will always stick with our main band - [LP]!!!
And i am also trying to update the front page BIG TIME! -- Kieshiada

- 8/21/07 - We have a new guild banner. Tell me if you like it. If not, I can make another one. -- Unforgettable Sound

Please can you try to devote yourself to posting's here when you are online.(Not the whole time,don't work yourself.)