▅▅▅▅▅ Ӈ e l l o t h e r e !
▂▃▅▆█ and welcome to

░░ζ i g h t ' s O n !░░

We welcome newcomers and experienced Gaians alike,
to a guild for those seeking friendship, guidance, or maybe just a hangout.
Our main priority is to help new Gaians, by providing helpful advice, aiding
them with their quests, answering all their questions, adopting, and hopefully
befriending them. Join us, and see for yourself!

❝ What do we do here? ❞

✓ We discuss the most random and most logical topics, we're capable of both.

✓ We are a creative bunch, so we come up with events, stories, and fun games to keep ourselves entertained.

✓ We are understanding, we will be here to listen to you during troubled and good times.

✓ We are generous, we will help you with your quests, hold giveaways, and provide charities every so often.

✓ We love our community, helping out and guiding our newcomers is what we're here for.

░░Ɍ e m e m b e r░░

✓ Stop by and introduce yourselves!

✓ Read the guild rules.

✓ Check out our forums!

✓ Have fun!

░░ξ v e n t s░░

None at the moment.

░░Α c t i v e S t a f f░░

✓ Authenyiel

✓ Gandalf Shadow Ninja

✓ neji_i love_u

✓ Lights On Guild Mule