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Guild Rank:
Battle Category- 2nd out of 150
All Categories- 135 out of 8400

Disclaimer: This guild is a GGN registered guild. All claims and stats are strictly compared to only guilds in the GGN system.

By entering this Guild you (the user) hereby acknowledge the following:

  • Characters and story lines of other characters are copyright by their respective players.

  • The world in which Gaia is found, is a crossroads of magic, swords, and technology. It is also a battlefield where those who believe in strength and power clash. The world you all are playing in is established with the continent of Gaia at its center which encompass any other continent out there.

    Strange creatures unlike anything you may have come across before, roam casually down the street. You have been thrown into this amazing world. However, unlike those weak ordinary people who pass each day by praying, you have the power to protect yourself. In this Guild, developing a character is not an end by itself. Rather, it is used as an instrument to obtain the ways you need to fulfill your will in this world. Become an adventurer, or even a villain. Your own hand will write your own history in this world.
    So, in conclusion, this is not just another bullheaded battle Guild, this is a serious RP environment.

  • The Captain and Crew of this guild (Leviathan Stadium) will not be held liable for any damages, be them physical, emotional, or monetary, incurred from participating/viewing these threads.

  • The poster accepts full responsibility for all written content, as well as comments and links posted.

  • You have read, fully understand, and will comply with the rules of Leviathan Stadium.

Once you join our guild, these are some basic ways you can participate. Look at the sub-forums, obviously, plan and participate in RPs, loiter in the lounge and other things. It should become pretty obvious what you can do.

The original Leviathan Stadium can be located here.

To join, simply provide an example of your writing and/or role-playing ability. It does not matter if the request is incomplete, as join requests are limited to a set number of characters. If your application proves satisfactory, than a member of the staff will reply with a private message requesting a role-playing sample, a few simple exchanges between the applicant and the staff member for a trial to uphold minimal guild standards and test out those who are serious about joining the guild.

The Levi Family
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