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This is a Sonic X RP. We have free slots for mains and anyone else and competitions with good prizes, such as art and skill games. However, joining this guild is a privilege, and we require proof that you can join us. So, I've got a little quiz lined up for you to take to prove your worth as an RPer!


--Sazie Chan is the honorable Captain. here and thou shalt follow my commandments (rules) or face my wrath! My 3 Personal Assistants, Or your Vice Captains, Madam Booka, shinkurou-chama, and Shadete, are my Wo-managers and my crew members are the Trusted ones.. For full list, click the Guild Members button.

--Must be at least semi-literate. No using ** for actions.

--Use (( )) for OOC (Out Of Character) chatter.

--Romance is allowed, whether between mains (as long as the pairing is reasonable) or characters you made yourselves.

--Keep it PG13 (which means you cant get any further than passionate kissing and maybe a little groping. That's a big maybe).

--No God-modding. Meaning no almighty, all-destroying and all-powerful characters that can smash everything and everyone for no reason. They kill all the fun and storyline, and result in the BAN-HAMMER. Trademarked and patented by Captain Dragoon.

--No killing other characters without asking the person being killed.

--No stealing another characters Chaos Emerald(s) without their permission.


We are in need of new members, and this guild is ever-expanding. We may let you help out with coming up with new events, and put questions and surveys to you that can help us improve the guild. Consider this an internet RPG, complete with PvP, and constantly upgrading and improving, with more craziness than the Fresh Prince of Bel Air with dancing sandwiches as the actors! If you'd like to join, please fill out the following:

Gaia Name:
Favourite Sonic character?:
Any favourite character pairings? EG, SonXAmy:
Why would you like to join:
Promise you won't quit?:

Rules Questionaire

Who is Leader of this guild?:
What do you use for OOC (Out Of Character) chatter?:
How far can you take romance?:
What kind of character is specifically forbidden?:
What cannot be taken away without asking outside of the RP?:

Correct answers result in membership. Incorrect answers or ignoring the submission form results in the door being slammed in your face, regardless what you may say. If you don't fill this in, you don't get in. Get it?