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This guild is for people who want to learn how to speak Japanese.
Already fluent speakers are free to join if they want to help us learn or to just chat with other fluent speakers.[/size:21f1baaa78]

[b:21f1baaa78]Please read the rules!
I'm having a few people wanting to join that aren't reading the rules.
I can tell![/b:21f1baaa78][/color:21f1baaa78]


1. Follow Gaia's TOS
2. Must be serious in trying to learn Japanese
3. No spam, hate posts, stretching of page, etc.
4. Other topics ARE allowed (culture, anime, movies, animals ect.)
5. After saying something in Japanese put translation.
Example: Nihongo ga suki desu! [I love Japanese!]
6. Be nice to everyone!
7. When requsting to join put the word banana in yellow somewhere in your request. This is so we know that you have read the rules.
8. If you speak Kansai-ben or any other dialect please not only put the english translation but also put it into general Japanese as well.
9. If you are using a Japanese font, please romanize it as well as translating into English.

Rules are subject to change without notice.[/color:21f1baaa78][/size:21f1baaa78]

[quote:21f1baaa78="Best Sentence ever"]Sumomo mo momo mo momo no uchi.
(Sumomo peaches and regular peaches are all types of peaches.)[/size:21f1baaa78][/color:21f1baaa78][/quote:21f1baaa78]