This is our city.
This is mi barrio.
All the girls are pretty.
All the dudes are super bros pros.

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Don't need no member to let yourself in,
You don't need no language or color of skin,
Don't need no money to make a contribution
to be a part of the Legion Revolution.

There's a place for those who love their poetry,
it's just across from the sign that says "PROS ONLY!"

Just hanging out,
just having fun,
we're number one!

Moterola12: Whats up with The Legion of L33tness v13.37
OuNinJ: Legion Revamp and to hell with buying another guild
Moterola12: hasnt that happened like 10 times.
OuNinJ: Yeah, hence v13.37

This is not a guild for l33t speak.
"fux j00 lololololololol!!!!!!1111!!11!1!!!241!!!!exclaimationpoint!!!!!!"