My primary reason for making this guild is for cat experts (like me and my friends) to help people new to cat ownership (well I can't really say that cats own you)

But we also have role playing
If you wish to join but your not a cat fan really your still welcome we would like to see everyone's perspective that makes things interesting

If you have questions refer to our Q & A forum or PM one of us personally

for role playing refer to its respective forum

if your here for a friend who owns a cat but doesn't have a gaia and doesn't know what there doing thats fine we will help you

if your here to just say how much dogs are better we will have a forum for that (it will probably be ignored but you will get it out of your system)

please be respectable

No flaming
No chatspeak
No rudeness
3 chances and your out unless its something drastic
also please only post in the respective forum if there isn't one then do it in the Misc section (coming soon)
last but not least HAVE FUN 8D

Owner Courtship Kitty