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Once upon a time, mystical creatures lived on an enchanted island of Kyrandia, which is rich in Magic all thanks to a powerful artifact known as the Kyragem. On the Surface of Kyrandia, it was ruled by Humans and its Undersea Counterpart, ruled by Merpeople under the leadership of the Sea King and his fair Queen along with their 6 daughters with their neighboring Kingdom of Atlantica which is also ruled by a fair King & Queen along with their 7 daughters. For Generations, Humans, Merpeople & other beings of myth have lived together in peace. Just one year after the defeat of Malcolm the Jester & the recovery of the Kyragem's Power, Brandon became King of Surface Kyrandia, he became loved by his people under his wise rule & is feared by his enemies. This is the Trials & Tribulations of both Surface & Marine Worlds of Kyrandia & beyond.


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