~Welcome to Our Haven~

Welcome to our safe haven – a place where LBT+ girls can speak freely without fear! We welcome you to our guild to find love, friends, family, and peace! A place to voice concerns, chat casually, and connect with others! The only requirement we have is that you must be female-mind or female-body – we accept both! Below is a form you must fill out (to the best of your ability) and include in your request to be able to join!

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♥ No Guys
♥ Respect Everyone
♥ Be Literate (to the best of your ability)
♥ Follow Gaia ToS
♥ No Spam (bumping & emote-only posts included)
♥ If you have a problem with other members or guild policies, please contact a mod
♥ Keep everything PG-13
♥ If you have a question regarding any of the rules, PLEASE refer to a mod/owner and they will assist you
♥ Enjoy yourelves

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~Join Request Form~

**Please include this form, filled out to the best of your ability, when requesting to join. At minimum, include a name/nickname and reason for joining**
Reason for joining:

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♀ LBT forums ♀

♀ crew only♀

♀ gallery ♀ [where pictures go]

♀ relationship related ♀

♀ The Coffee Shop ♀ [meet new people/chat/just chill]