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Long ago in the land of Ooo, a war broke out. All of human kind was whipped out. Homes were destroyed. Families were torn apart. Life was seemingly taking a turn for the worst. The way things were going, no one in Ooo thought that the way life was back in Finn and Jake's time over 100 years ago would ever come to be again. That was until all of you showed up.

Ooo is slowly building back what it used to be with many new heros of all different kinds. Candy people, vampires, fire folk, mermaids, party animals, even ice people are helping out. It's said that some humans could remain although unlikly, there is a possibility. Things are starting to look good again. And although evil never rests, neither do the people of Ooo.
And when someone is in trouble, someone is there learning to have fun along the way. Because life would be boring... without a little adventure!

Soooooo what time is it? ADVENTURE TIME!!!
So Hey guys!! If your interested, Ooo is in need of some characters! It's your time! Create some characters of any being. Have fun and be creative!
You can make as many characters as you want just be mindful of what you can handle. Develop relationships with other characters! Go on adventure! Defeat bad guys!
Take a break and munch on a sandwich! Defeat more bad guys! Adventure the Land of Ooo!

Now before you may join, you have to fill out this little itty bitty application~!
Only fully filled applications will be accepted.

[b]Name you prefer to be called:[/b]

[b]How Active:[/b]
[b]How did you find this Guild?[/b]

[b]When did you begin liking Adventure Time?[/b] (Be detailed, I like stories)
[b]Who is your favorite character?[/b]
[b]Who is your lease favorite character?[/b]
[b]Do you think the Ice King is weird?[/b]
[b]What's your thoughts on the show so far?[/b]

[b]Do you believe this will be a fun experience?[/b]

+You can read inside the Guild; Going on an adventure!

But wait, is this one of those guilds I need to be on every day or you will get mad?
No no no no. This guild is simply for fun, it's not a chore. No one will expect you to go on everyday.
Role play around your schedule! We understand! So if your busy or just need a break then no one will judge you at all.
Just let us know if your going to be gone more then a week just so we know can know where you are.

Benefits of being a crew member:
+Okay, okay I know I'm mean but since a ton of people may want to be big powerful villains or royalty not everyone can so that privilege goes to the crew.
Of course non crew members may have there character be whatever they want, with the exception of the bad guys (like an Ice King or Lich type character) and the royals (Princess bubblegum or Flame princess type characters)
Sorry. I hope you understand my reasoning for it.

How do I become a crew member you ask?
Take a look inside the Guild to "Crew Only" and find out what you can do to to become a crew member.

So anyway, PM me with any questions or concerns and I will answer back!
Also if you want to friend me so that it's easier to keep in touch then feel free to ask me.
100% acception to friend requests!

Thanks! ~Your Captain SnowScarlet

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