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In a time five-hundred years after Naruto's, ninja still thrived. All the nations had been getting along-- still containing their tailed beasts inside of a host's body, however. They hadn't learned a thing. At the same time, a new threat had arisen.. a new Akatsuki. Their plan this time, not to contain the tailed beasts-- quite the contrary. They planned to work with them, forcing them out of their host's body, killing the Jinchuriki, and then using their power to attack the villages one by one. This was done in repitition with every beast except the Four-Tails, Son Goku, who willingly chose to stay within a host's body. The Tsuchikage. But even without Son Goku's help, this Akatsuki had succeeded and ruled for fourty years. Keeping the villages in fear.
Suddenly, a hermit with grey hair and bright blue eyes found them. He claimed to be from no nation, and didn't even blink with fear at the Akatsuki. They all attacked him at once, attempting to show him fear and put him in his place, but all failed. This hermit was too powerful because he possessed the most powerful ninja tool. The Rinnegan. They then asked and accused him of being the Sage of the Six Paths, but he denied it again and again. He simply used his power to take the tailed beasts for his own, sealing them away, and leaving for several decades.
Finally, several years later, the hermit returned. Atop a mountain, using an incredibly powerful sort of hearing Genjutsu, the hermit began talking to all the Kage of the nations, every single one of them being able to hear him no matter what. His message:

"In a week's time, every one of you Kage will meet me atop the mountain the center of all of the nations-- the heart of all countries. You will bring one Jinchuriki host with you each. Someone kind, loving and compassionate. These beasts, though abominant in nature, are still creatures of the world with hearts and souls, and are not to be treated as anything less, or else I will take them away again. Killing every host, and never returning."

This is where our RP starts. Each Kage must bring a host to the mountain and retrieve their tailed beast.

The guild is currently under construction and will be remade from the bottom up. PM LuvlyMrDevil any questions concerning the guild.

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