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안녕하세요! And Welcome to the Korea Cafe!

Here is a place I thought could be for fun and entertainment but also learning. I want you to be able to meet people who like what you do, which is obviously something Korean since you are hear. But also I want you to have fun learning and practicing the language with those that are learning too and if you are advanced then you could always help people learn. Really I just want it to be fun and people to enjoy talking about things Korean just like me. I hope you enjoy this guild and feel free to recommend ideas. 감사합니다!!!!!

When Joining please......

• Give why you want to join.
• Introduce yourself basically
• Give some things you like that are Korean: bands, songs, tv shows, games, foods, culture, Korean tourist places, etc.

Just a few rules to get start....

• Follow Gaia rules you know the basics
• More rules will be places inside the guild biggrin